Practice Design and Synthesis

A BluePrint Protocol serves as the backbone analytical tool to underpin and integrate across Practice. It has been developed for both the meta-analysis and the exemplars, thereby standardising the comparison, evaluation and synthesis across Practice.

For Meta-Analysis, the BluePrint provides a basis to compare results from different, existing studies.

For the Exemplars, the BluePrint provides the methodological basis for empirical data collection and information gathering for new case studies.

For Synthesis, the BluePrint provides the key framework from which lessons learned in Practice are continuously communicated and linked with KnowledgeInstruments and Outreach.  

The second blueprint has been completed and published. We are now on the way to finishing off the structure of the 3rd blueprint which will embed questions about lessons learned from the Exemplars and Meta-analysis. This will then be published online for the exemplars to complete.

Lessons learned throughout the duration of the project are collated in a database and made available to the Community of Excellence through the Resource Hub