Exemplars - A testing ground for Instruments and tools

The exemplars are a suite of carefully selected case studies that cover a wide range of ecosystem services at multiple scales, areas and management schemes. These exemplars are providing fresh insights into the needs of those applying ecosystem services concepts in the field, as well as an empirical testing ground where ecosystem services instruments can be trialled.

As we progress through the project, we are injecting results from the exemplars into the meta analysis database, where they are analysed in combination with other case studies from the ever growing community of excellence.

OPERAs exemplar case studies

  1. Cultural seascapes: Sociocultural benefits of the Irish coastline

  1. Desert in the city: Urban dunes in Barcelona

  1. More than Cork: Cultural Landscapes in the Montado

  1. Blue Carbon in the Balearic Islands:  The future of seagrass

  1. Traversing waters : waterway management in the lower Danube

  1. Land use legacies: looking at infrastructure development in the central Alps

  1. Values and Vines: Reaching out to consumers on responsible wines

  1. From highlands to lowlands: Applying environmental policy in Scotland at all levels

  1. Abandoned lands: Agricultural shifts in the Mediterranean

  1. Pan European Policy: Conflicts and synergies across Europe.

  1. Tools for today: policy and market instruments for climate change mitigation and habitat conservation

  1. All eyes on the future; Transition pathways and sustainability in the Swiss Alps
  2. Ecosystem services and climate strategies: Analysis of tradeoffs in Peru with pantropical comparisons