Resource Hub Development

Resource Hub Development

To ensure the perennity of the project, OPERAs has identified communities of practice and conducted user needs assessments. This task has influenced and driven the design and content of the resource hub.

The resource hub serves diverse communities and actors, including landowners, businesses and public sector managers amongst others.

The resource hub has been designed to reflect the diversity of users and will provide different 'entry points' for different users, in the form of questions that lead to signposts to various parts of the resource hub.

The content has been organised into five areas:

  1. Tools
  2. Projects
  3. Resources
  4. Organisations, and
  5. Practitioners

The hub has been providing technical assisstance and guidance, tools and data, and both practitioner and young researcher training.

The intention of the resource hub is that it becomes a resource that will exist beyond the life of the OPERAs project.