Implementation & Uptake

Implementation performance success criteria are being identified and clustered which are enabling relationships between policy criteria and implementation logics to be explored as well as highlighting trade-offs between policy criteria.

Analytical methods and protocols have been developed for evaluating costs and cost-structures of ecosystem services concept implementation. Using and further developing the criteria, conceptual models and analytical methods, OPERAs analyses alternative implementations of market-based methods for different implementation logics. The project is identifying obstacles, challenges and implementation risks, and is proposing ways of addressing these. The project will appraise implementations of PES, Offfset, Habitat Banking, Agricultural Compensations and other similar schemes. The tasks are focusing on costs, cost-structures, efficiency, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, fairness and flexibility (in addition to other relevant criteria).

Implementation performance is also being analysed based on spatial planning, permitting, and direct investment, including Green Infrastructure Interventions. Interventions at different scale levels are being appraised, in development planning, spatial planning, permitting, and public/private sector planning linked to policy goals such as ecological restoration, climate adaptation, sustainable production and consumption and improving individual/societal health and well being.

The use of and further development of the criteria, models and analytical methods developed, alternative implementations of ecosystem services concepts in Green Business and Finance are being analysed.