Exemplar 9. Agricultural land-abandonment in the Med

Circum-Mediterranean agricultural land abandonment 

Worldwide, we  want to continue, or even increase, the current level of human wellbeing towards the future. At the same time, we face threats like economic crises, poverty, war, damaging impacts on nature, extreme climate events, changes in the amount of water that is available, an increasing dependency on technology, increasing concrete cities and pollution. In the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, these issues are especially present and governments and citizens are searching for information to make the best decisions possible for future living.


This study focuses on how changes in the way farmers manage their land in the Mediterranean area, leads to changes in the possible human wellbeing, now and in the future. To be able to put a number and a consequence on these changes, we combine data on farming strategies with estimations of how farmers might change their management behaviour in the future. Based on this information, we can start to build different pictures of what the future of the Mediterranean area might look like and whether people can keep their wellbeing in the future. The pictures that seem to be able to provide higher qualities of life can provide information of what kind of changes in management behaviour, and perhaps governance, we should try to aim for.