Exemplar 8. Environmental Policy in Scotland

Multi-scale implementation of environmental policy in Scotland. 

Ecosystem services are central to the Scottish Government land use and biodiversity policy. In many ways these policies are ahead of science and the required information and assessment methods to support policy implementation. Hence, our Scottish exemplar has been established in order to match the needs of land use management and biodiversity policy in Scotland.


The Scottish exemplar works on four scales, with different spatial and thematic focus:

  1. With others we have established an Ecosystem Services Community Scotland (ESCom) to identify user needs, align research and build an operational and engaged science–policy-practice interface.
  2. Modeling is supporting national assessment of current and future ecosystem service provision, whilst policy analysis will assess current conceptual and operational implementation of ecosystem services and natural capital concepts.
  3. Place-based studies around peri-urban Edinburgh are working with policy makers to better understand society’s socio-cultural values of green space.
  4. Local benefits of coastal wetlands realignment in the Inner Forth are explored in collaboration with the nature conservancy, RSPB.